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Compensation plan

You can get up to 8% incentive every time you sponsor mining Pool contract in your Team Direct from your Sponsored ID.

Direct Incentive are paid weekly and mining profits are paid on daily basis . There is no limit to the number of Direct Sponsor you can introduced!

This illustration depicts how the Bitmine compensation plan operates. It is not a representation of the results you should expect. Bitmine does not guarantee your success. For actual income statistics achieved by Bitmine Associates, see the Income Disclosure Statement at the website.

Team Commissions

Your focus as a Bitmine Associate is to create a loyal Customer base and to build a team of Associates who also create a loyal Customer base.

a) Sponsoring one active Share Pool on right leg
b) Sponsoring one active Share Pool on left leg

Each Sharing Pool has a point value called “Sharing Volume.” (SV)

Mining Contracts:

Cloud Mining

200 SV

Pool Mining

500 SV

Machine Contract

1000 SV

Rack Contract

2000 SV

Calculating Team Commissions

Each time you have a minimum of 800 SV in both your left and right legs, you will earn a commission cycle of USD 80*. Any unpaid Group Sales Volume is carried forward.

You must be both active and qualified to earn Team Commissions.

Please note that you must be able to qualify for Team Commissions by introducing two active associates one in Right side and Left Side in your team. Associates may earn a maximum of USD 10000 per week in Team Commissions, depends upon the package they purchased.

Mega Matching Bonuses

Mega Matching Bonuses allow you to earn an additional 25% of the Pool mining Share of your personally sponsored Associates up to 4 level depth.

Mega Matching Bonuses are paid instantly. There is no limit to the number of bonuses you can earn!